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Jaydenwade130 Jaydenwade130 12 hours ago

im killing myself.

fuck me

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2022DaBestYearEver 2022DaBestYearEver 4 days ago

FNF Fanon: Pico's Crush

Pico: Hewo GF--


Pico: owie~

GF: Haha

Pico: *Slaps GF*

GF: *Crying* BOYFRIEND!!!

BF: Beep??

Pico: She slapped me first

GF: Bwaaaaaaaa~ *Hugs BF*

BF: (Translated from beeps) What the hell Pico, why'd u slap her

Pico: She started it

BF: (Translated from beeps) I challenge you to a rap battle then Pico

Pico: Ok

GF: NOOOO!!!! Remember last time??? QmQ

BF: Bruh

Pico: Bruh

BF: *Slaps Pico*

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Hellotdsfan11 Hellotdsfan11 6 days ago

the bambo

  • bambo is 21
  • bambo hate nsfw
  • bambo has a piano
  • bambo brother is bombu
  • bambo has origin form
  • bambo can play harder piano
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Spiro96 Spiro96 6 days ago

My take on something

I'm gonna get my ass kicked for this but whatever. Anyways y'all know that almost everyone, and I quote almost, gets mad to people that think Skid & Pump, Pico, Tankman, Cassette Girl, Ritz and Cassandra are from FNF, right? Well I used to be one of those people but I've been relooking at it. Sure it can be a bit irritating but does it matter? I think not because at the end of the day it's just fictional characters. I think that if someone says those characters are from FNF, it's better not to yell at them and just tell them "oh no they don't really originate from that game, they come from the franchise ****, you should check it if you want to learn more about them" in a nice way. And also I know these guys, except for the Spookaronis and …

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Fniaspringtrap Fniaspringtrap 18 days ago

lol i love this wiki


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Frisk1000 Frisk1000 23 days ago

I'm not hate anyone

Seriously.. i saw LilylUwU saying that she hate me :P.. but i didn't do anything Lol

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FriendlyGrim FriendlyGrim 21 December 2021


Hey y'all! Was wondering something since I'm new here!


  • Your favorite character?
  • Your favorite week?
  • Favorite song?
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Detmarvel113 Detmarvel113 19 December 2021

sorry if i necroposted i did not mean to

so i got blocked for necroposting i did not know i did that so sorry

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Kingsmen377 Kingsmen377 17 December 2021


hi you like fnf :/

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GachaLifeCookieUwU GachaLifeCookieUwU 11 December 2021

haiii fnf community!!!

im lilly!!!!

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RemoteWrights21 RemoteWrights21 9 December 2021

Yo Just fallowed Friday Night Funkipedia

Recently fallowed funkipedia you should join it if you like friday night funkin take my word for i

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River2380eererererreer River2380eererererreer 8 December 2021

i am funny hahas

i am the most funniest haha there is.

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Bluerabbit18 Bluerabbit18 3 December 2021

Ayo yandere sim mod when?

I was just thinking that it would be cool to have a yandere sim mod

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HaiFire3344 HaiFire3344 21 November 2021

Hatsune Miku preliminary page

You can view this page's source here. Please do not add this page—or any information about Miku being the sister of Boyfriend or Ritz—to the mainspace yet, as Miku is not yet confirmed.

Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is a potential upcoming opponent for Friday Night Funkin'. She is Boyfriend's older sister and currently appears as a background character in Week 5.

Hatsune Miku originates from the VOCALOID and Piapro Studio singing voice synthesizer programs. She is a virtual vocalist who was originally conceptualized as "an android diva in the near-future world where songs are lost," and she is capable of singing in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English. Initially released in August 2007 for VOCALOID2 as the first member of Crypton Future Media

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TheBestUsernameHere TheBestUsernameHere 19 November 2021

Man, I do not talk here often.

Man, I really don't. I mean, I'm basically on Funkipedia Mods Wiki almost all the time, so there's not much for me to do here. I also wanna say that Week 7 and Week 6, plus Week 1 and 3 have the best OST tracks, hands down. If you disagree? Idiot detected, opinion rejected.

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Godzillaanonymous Godzillaanonymous 14 November 2021

Friday Night Toastin’

Toast Is The Re-Skin For Boyfriend In Friday Night Toastin’ .

Minyas Is The Re-Skin For Girlfriend In Friday Night Toastin’

Hide And Seek Is The Replacement For Daddy Dearest In Friday Night Toastin’

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Cl0udNuggi3 Cl0udNuggi3 13 November 2021

GF Full week

GF Full week is where BF has a dream about GF being mad about him. And he dreams that they break up.

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Shy9088 Shy9088 9 November 2021


I am the supreme ruler of everything that breathes i decide whether you breathe or not and i say not now >:))))

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Shy9088 Shy9088 8 November 2021

Testing blog

Testing i wanna see if i can write a blog post because it didnt work before

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Arofat bin-useng Arofat bin-useng 2 November 2021

My Muichiro Profile Pics

1.Macarone Muichiro

2.drinking mist tea

3.Tea Muichiro

4.Kitty Muichiro

5.Hands up!

6.Panda Coat Muichiro

7.Muichiro's Pet

8.LED Muichiro U w U


10.Happy Birthday!

11.Don't Call Me Mui Chan!

12.I Love U


14.Sailor Moon Muichiro

15.Cake Eat Mui (cute)

16.HIHIH (cant use for a pfp cuz it's a gif)

17.Idk what should i name this

18.Dissapoint at someone

19.I wanna sleep as a cat

20.He's dissapoint at you

21.Smile in Manga Version


23.Bored as a Cat

24.Happy Bday! (2019)

25.Tokito portrait

26.(Special) My Persona~

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Spiro96 Spiro96 25 October 2021

My current scores (HARD)

Tutorial: 14390

Daddy Dearest: 116690

Spooky Month: 183020

Pico: 188200

Mommy Must Murder: 227120

Red Snow: 202200

Hating Simulator: 189600

Tankman: 317010

You can rate the scores if you want to

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Jordanp79 Jordanp79 23 October 2021

Dab On You


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Laylawasheere Laylawasheere 18 October 2021


im just bored

if your reading this

U simp for mommy mearest

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Fnfryan66 Fnfryan66 10 October 2021


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HaiFire3344 HaiFire3344 8 October 2021
0 quick intro and guide

waifu2x is a neural network-based program for upscaling and denoising images, including both art and photographs. waifu2x-caffe is a good desktop client for it, but this post will discuss the web demo,

Upscaling is typically not necessary if you're uploading something to the wiki and you have the biggest available version. Denoising simply removes noise from the image; it can't make an image less blurry if it happens to be that way.

  • 1 Getting an image
  • 2 On the waifu2x website: Picking an image
  • 3 Image type
  • 4 Noise reduction
  • 5 Upscaling
  • 6 Finishing up

I'll use Twitter as an example here, as waifu2x is often useful for denoising Twitter images, which Twitter often compresses into JPGs. Open an image from a tweet in a new tab; in the URL, the p…

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Whyohwhydid Whyohwhydid 7 October 2021

Follow the rules

I am no admin but if you don't follow the rules you could get yourself blocked or banned from this wiki so in all my knowledge about this wiki I suggest you follow the rules.

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Whyohwhydid Whyohwhydid 7 October 2021

Thoughts on the badges

They are all good but I think that they should add badges to the mods wiki. But hey! I'm not one to judge.

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Whyohwhydid Whyohwhydid 7 October 2021


Hello this is a random page I used to get badge don't pay much attention to this.

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Ellivermicelli Ellivermicelli 4 October 2021


Zoro from one piece kinda looks like Garcello-

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Your Average Bob Fan Your Average Bob Fan 29 September 2021

That one moment when you forget to take a piss before going in the car:

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Your Average Bob Fan Your Average Bob Fan 29 September 2021

Oh te noes!!!! Boyfriend shitted his pants!!!!

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R34skyr35 R34skyr35 28 September 2021


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Octo96 Octo96 24 September 2021

something about me

i mainly stylize in hip-hop, nu-disco, dubstep, edm, but for now i'm mixed in music


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Pom Pomeranian Pom Pomeranian 21 September 2021

How to change your charcter in fnf

Some people who play fnf might get bored of being boyfriend, girls really want to be a girl in-game so I got the solution.

In a song/week press 7, you saw it right? the number 7.

Pressing it will make the screen black for a few seconds and you will see this part that shows the arrows of the song, character and the Json thingy. Press the 2nd option, choose your character and boom. Idek how it works so leave like a clip in a comment on onr of my posts

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GachaD21 GachaD21 14 September 2021


Empty blog

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Ididnotcomeupwiththislol Ididnotcomeupwiththislol 9 September 2021

Amogus Versions Of FnF Characters



Dady Dearest




Momy Mearest



Cassete Girl


Ru (Ruv)

Sarvent (Sarvente)

Grello (Garcello)

Selver (Selever)

Whit (Whitty)

Razay (Rasazy)

Tiky (Tricky)

Carl (Carol)


Tab (Tabi)

He (Hex)

Nob (Noob)

Sunay (Sunday)

Lia (Lila)

Anie (Annie)

Upike (Updike)

Trolege (Trollege)

Bo (Bob)

Tak (Taki)

Litle Man (Little Man)

Ro (Ron)

Zary (Zardy)

Ophebop (Opheebop)

C (CJ)

Rub (Ruby)

Sy (Sky)

Saggy (Shaggy)

Kap (Kapi)

Mik (Miku)

Majn Sonk (Majin Sonic)

CG (CG5)

Nonsen (Nonsense)


Monik (Monika)

Mat (Matt)

Ayan (Ayana)

Amo (Amor)

Tod (Tord)

Flipy (Flippy/Fliqpy)

Etled (Eteled)

Aders (Anders)

Rebeca (Rebecca)

Nen (Neon)

Autin (Austin)

Soic.ex (Sonic.EXE)

Tee (Tree)

Makie (Mackie)

Pomom (Pompom)

Ach (Arch)

Cheky (Cheeky)

Bpanzu (Bbpanzu)

Stic (Static)

Shocater (S…

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GalaxyJaniceOwO GalaxyJaniceOwO 4 September 2021


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GalaxyJaniceOwO GalaxyJaniceOwO 2 September 2021

Minus Meh

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GalaxyJaniceOwO GalaxyJaniceOwO 2 September 2021


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Yesyesyes02 Yesyesyes02 2 September 2021

archives of all wikis wiki assemble here

@croatia.ball1270 i cant get to wiikii

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Meleefox2009 THE RETURN Meleefox2009 THE RETURN 28 August 2021

Spooky dance lol

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Flippythegreatofthemall Flippythegreatofthemall 26 August 2021

hi this is the blog i am talking about

this is it type m if u want to join the mod

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ChrisHyper27 ChrisHyper27 23 August 2021



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Shy john 2 Shy john 2 23 August 2021

The big bad wolf

The big bad wolf is one of the final characters in week 49

Boyfriend and girlfriend find a strange brick house. they both go in. and find a wolf. they also hear a strange sound in the cabin. even that is the pigs (To be continued)


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Jackisreal64 Jackisreal64 20 August 2021

so today i ate a sandwich

it was good

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Eze1238 Eze1238 18 August 2021

Bf Attacked

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Ellayoshi2008 Ellayoshi2008 17 August 2021

My first blog post

This is my first blog post. Sorry, I pressed the Sign Out button by mistake, and all of my notifications are removed.

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Lindaobenefunde Lindaobenefunde 17 August 2021


Hey. Why are You

Here Tho. That's Sus.

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Ellayoshi Ellayoshi 16 August 2021

Remember Pico?

Pico is from the old Newgrounds game, Pico's School. Do you love Pico? Reply my comment if you love him!

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Thelightfire Thelightfire 13 August 2021

Did you notice this?

Daddy Dearest Teeth used to bee the Same color of his skin

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