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Cassandra is an upcoming character for Friday Night Funkin'.


Cassandra originates from Pico's School, a point-and-click Flash game created by Tom Fulp in 1999. In Pico's School, Cassandra is the primary antagonist and final boss. She leads a small group called the Goth Punks, who try to take over the school as Cassandra perpetrates a school shooting. Leaving Pico alive as she has a crush on him, it's up to him to stop the Goth Punks, save the school and defeat Cassandra, who is revealed to be a shape-shifting alien species known as a Penilian disguised as a human sent to take over the world.


  • Cassandra was confirmed to be an upcoming character for Friday Night Funkin' by PhantomArcade during one of his livestreams with JohnnyUtah. He explained that her inclusion may take a while, but her part in the story was mostly figured out.
  • Cassandra's name was accidentally written as "Casandra" in the original Pico's School.
  • Cassandra's character was inspired by Aaron Cole, a fan of Tom Fulp, who vented to him in an email about the treatment of social outcasts and goths during the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacre.
  • It was revealed in Pico’s School: Love Conquers All (an alternate timeline from the main Pico series) that Cassandra is a furry with a fennec fox fursona.


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