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HEY! You think you can just sing with my daughter like that? If you want to date her... You're going to have to go through ME first!
Daddy Dearest, Friday Night Funkin'[1]

Daddy Dearest is the father of Girlfriend and the husband of Mommy Mearest. He is the main antagonist of Week 1, one of the antagonists during Week 5, and can be seen as an overarching antagonist of the game as a whole. He's an ex-rockstar who doesn't approve of the relationship between his daughter and Boyfriend. His tracks include Bopeebo, Fresh and Dadbattle, and he shares the tracks Cocoa and Eggnog with Mommy Mearest.


Daddy Dearest has a demonic-looking appearance with lavender skin, black eyes with red glowing pupils and greyish-lilac hair vaguely shaped like a demon's horns. He wears an open black suit jacket without a shirt that reveals his grey chest and pubic hair, black pants held by a belt with a golden buckle, and a silver watch on his left wrist. He has some stubble on his chin and a mark on his forehead. He holds a microphone in his left hand.

During Week 5, he wears a green version of his suit jacket and pants. He sits on Mall Santa's throne with Mommy Mearest on his lap. He wields a handgun in his right hand while holding his wife around the waist with his left hand.


  • He is the second character who does not have a "danger" icon, the first being Girlfriend, the third being Senpai, and the fourth being Spirit. However, there is a copy of his regular icon in its place.
    • This is also true for his and Mommy Mearest's shared icon in Week 5. However, even if a different icon were to replace it, there's no programming for it to change anyway.
      • Oddly, his earlier icons did include a "danger" version but were left unused.
  • The official name for him at the moment is "Daddy Dearest," which is his name in the files of the game.
  • He was the first antagonist initially programmed and designed for the game as he appeared in the Ludum Dare prototype.
  • Daddy Dearest was responsible for Pico and Boyfriend's interaction in Week 3 due to him hiring Pico as a mercenary to assassinate Boyfriend as revenge for his defeat in Week 1.
  • Daddy Dearest is mentioned briefly during Week 6 by Spirit, hinting that he may have conflict with other characters.
  • ninjamuffin99, the game's programmer, has confirmed that Daddy Dearest will return to rematch Boyfriend in the future.
  • Daddy Dearest doesn't drink anything whatsoever.
  • According to a Tweet by ninjamuffin99, Daddy Dearest didn't play any instruments as he was only a vocalist.
  • Daddy Dearest is the only character to have a singing animation that lasts a single frame, hitting a left note. Unlike him, every other character's singing animations have at least two frames.
  • Daddy Dearest only sings with Boyfriend out of pride and to be condescending as a performer.

Unused Cutscene Dialogue

Dialogue in Bopeebo

Daddy Dearest: HEY!

You think you can just sing with my daughter like that?

If you want to date her...

You're going to have to go through ME first!

Dialogue in Fresh

Daddy Dearest: Not too shabby boy.

[Daddy Dearest's subsequent line of dialogue is blank.]

Dialogue in Dadbattle

Daddy Dearest: gah you think you're hot stuff?

If you can beat me here...

Only then I will even CONSIDER letting you date my daughter!


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