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Upcoming Content

This article is about content not yet in the game!
Information is set to change frequently, so please do not add any false information!

Friday Night Funkin': The Full-Ass Game is the current title for the full version of Friday Night Funkin'. The game's Kickstarter campaign ran for a month until its closing on the 18th of May, 2021, 5:31 PM EDT.


The Kickstarter campaign for Friday Night Funkin': The Full - Ass Game is a project created by the Funkin' Crew, which consists of ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, Kawai Sprite and evilsk8r, the four members of the team behind the game. The announcement of the project was made on the 18th of April, 2021, coinciding with the release of Week 7 as a timed exclusive on Newgrounds.

The campaign's original funding goal was $60,000 (USD) which it reached in the first 2 hours of its public announcement. Adding onto that, it has surpassed over $1,000,000 in pledges in the first 3 days. After the campaign had closed, it had officially funded a total of $2,247,641 by 58,561 backers.

The full game is slated to be released by early 2022.

Initial Goal Plan

The following content is planned for the complete base game when the $60,000 goal was met:

  • 20 New Weeks (27 in total, including the 7 currently in the demo)
    • 3 songs for each new week, totaling 60 new tracks.
  • New Gameplay Mechanics
    • New ideas/concepts for expanding gameplay and creating more unique levels. (A "battle mode" is hinted to be one of these ideas as the animation of Boyfriend throwing his microphone is referenced.)
  • Cutscenes
    • Animated cartoon-esque sequences that take place during and out of gameplay, similar in execution to the cutscenes in Week 7, to expand the game's world and provide some context to the levels.
  • Local 2 Player
    • Play with or against a friend.
  • New Playable Characters
    • Play as other characters apart from Boyfriend in Freeplay or 2 player. Characters will have their own unique poses and voice, the latter of which changes the music's vocal track by replacing Boyfriend's voice. In 2 player, the same will occur for the antagonist voices.
  • Online Leaderboards
    • View the top scores for every song and difficulty level from players around the world as well as friends.
  • Polished Visuals and Interface
    • Improvements to visuals such as menus and basic additions such as a result screen.
  • Robust Mod Support
    • Make the game simple and inviting to mod.
  • Custom Song Charting Interface
    • Create custom, playable charts through an in-game chart maker for any audio file put into the game.
  • Translations
    • Support for as many languages as possible to allow fans from all over the world to enjoy the game.
  • Artist, Musician and Voice Acting Collaborations
    • Unique art style shifts, new playable characters, cameo appearances and voice acting from potential game contributors.

Web Version Updates

The versions of Friday Night Funkin' currently on Newgrounds and will continue to receive future updates during development of the full game. Though the updates will contain some of the levels and tracks intended for the full game, players will not be able to experience all there is to offer through the web versions alone. The full experience will only be found with the release of the complete game which players must purchase.

Standard Stretch Goals

Stretch goals can be achieved by donating more money beyond the original set goal. Each stretch goal reached means more gameplay mechanics and additions to the final game. All of these stretch goals have been met on the 10th of May, 2021. (Stretch goals that have been reached are in bold and indicated by a check mark.)

The official stretch goals.

  • $85,000: Mobile Build ✓
    • Officially port the game to mobile devices.
  • $185,000: Custom Character Creator ✓
    • Allows players to create and customize their own playable character in the game.
  • $215,000: Sharing Network ✓
    • Allows players to share songs, stages and characters online.
  • $415,000: Fully Animated Cutscenes ✓
    • Much more detailed cutscenes for every level.

      Updated stretch goals with a response from the team.

  • $615,000: 5 Additional Weeks ✓
    • 5 weeks added. (32 in total)
  • $665,000: Online Multiplayer ✓
    • Game mode where players can compete against each other online.
  • $865,000: 5 Additional Weeks ✓
    • Another 5 weeks added. (37 in total)
  • $965,000: 10 Additional Playable Characters ✓
    • 10 new playable characters added.

      Another updated stretch goals with a new response.

  • $1,165,000: 5 Additional Weeks ✓
    • Another 5 weeks added. (42 in total)
  • $1,465,000: Erect Difficulty ✓
    • A new and highly challenging difficulty level that comes with a new remix for every single track.
  • $1,865,000: 10 Week Epilogue Story ✓
    • 10 more weeks added, all of which are dedicated to an epilogue campaign. (52 in total)

Bigger Stretch Goals

These stretch goals extend beyond the ones listed in the image seen on the campaign page. By the end of the campaign, none of these stretch goals were reached.

  • $3,000,000: PlayStation 1 Port
    • An official port of the game to the first PlayStation console.
  • $4,000,000: Friday Night Funkin' Sakuga
    • Official anime-themed week cel-drawn and hand-drawn by an anime studio.
  • $5,000,000: Pico's School Remake & Pico's School 2 Release
    • Remake the 1999 Newgrounds Flash game Pico's School and produce its long-cancelled sequel Pico's School 2. Both games will appear inside the full game.
  • $10,000,000: Nightmare AU
    • New "Good vs Evil" campaign.

Pledge Rewards

Boyfriend and Girlfriend diving in the endless handbag known as your imagination.

There are several rewards for supporting the campaign, depending on how much money a backer pledges. Some physical rewards will only ship to backers within the United States. The rewards include:

  • Credits Attribution ($5 or more)
    • Backers' name will appear in the game's credits. Any name given is ok as long as it's not seriously inappropriate.
  • Digital Art Book ($10 or more)
    • Backers receive a digital collection of artwork, concepts, notes and more to give players a further insight to the game's world. (Includes credit attribution.)
  • Digital Copy of the Full Game ($15 or more) [10 day limited-time pledge reward]
    • Backers receive a copy of the game as soon as it is complete. At only $15, this "early bird special" pledge will save backers at most $5. (Includes art book and credit attribution.)
  • Digital Copy of the Full Game ($20 or more)
    • Backers receive a copy of the game as soon as it is complete. (Includes art book and credit attribution.)
  • Pico Stickers ($25 or more) [Limit of 50, sold out]
    • Backers receive a Pico sticker sheet, which may also feature future Friday Night Funkin' characters. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Enamel Pin ($30 or more)
    • Backers receive a Friday Night Funkin' enamel pin. There is no final design for the pin yet. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Vol. 1 Soundtrack
    • Cassette ($32 or more)
    • CD ($35 or more)
    • Vinyl ($46 or more)
  • FNF Poster ($40 or more)
    • Backers receive a Kickstarter-exclusive Friday Night Funkin' poster. There is no final design for the poster yet. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • T-shirt ($50 or more)
    • Backers can choose from 1 of 3 T-shirt designs: Boyfriend, Pico and Girlfriend, the latter of which will be a Kickstarter-exclusive. The Boyfriend and Pico shirt options are of the ones already on Shark Robot. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • CD, Cassette and Vinyl Combo of the Vol. 1 Soundtrack ($65 or more)
    • Backers receive all three physical media options of the Vol. 1 Soundtrack with $8 in savings. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Vinyl Test Pressings of the Vol. 1 Soundtrack ($120 or more) [Limit of 10, sold out]
    • Backers receive a test press of the Vol. 1 Soundtrack on vinyl. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Tankman Statue ($150 or more) [Limit of 200, sold out]
    • Backers receive a figurine of Tankman, the Newgrounds mascot and antagonist of Week 7. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Boyfriend Figure ($300 or more) [Limit of 50, sold out]
    • Backers receive a handmade figurine of Boyfriend, the main protagonist of Friday Night Funkin'.
  • Personal Illustration ($500 or more) [Limit of 50, sold out]
    • Backers receive a personal drawing done in the style of the game. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Self-Insert Background Character ($1,000 or more) [Limit of 10, sold out]
    • Backers will have themselves added into the game as a background character. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Intro Message ($1,000 or more) [Limit of 5, sold out]
    • Backers will be able to create their own intro message for the game's load up screen. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)
  • Self-Insert Playable Character ($5,000 or more) [Limit of 5, sold out]
    • Backers will have themselves added into the game as a playable character.
  • Digital wallpaper ($9,999 or more)
    • Backers receive a 1280 x 720 wallpaper.
  • The game devs will call the backer's phone to tell them, "You suck." ($10,000) [Limit of 3]
    • This pledge is a joke. (Includes art book, digital game copy and credit attribution.)

Risks & Challenges

Although this is a huge project that has been invested in heavily by fans, some risks need to be taken into consideration. These include:

  • The content can take a while to properly develop, test and release, possibly leading to delays.
  • Collaborations don't happen so easily and can also possibly lead to delays.


  • PhantomArcade posted a teaser of the Kickstarter trailer on the 3rd of March, 2021, while not revealing what the trailer was about.
  • ninjamuffin99 has wanted the game to be ported to other consoles, specifically the Nintendo Switch, when it's gone further in development, and the Kickstarter helps to make that dream become a reality.
  • The news of the game's Kickstarter Campaign has been leaked weeks ahead of its announcement in a news article by BC Local News.
  • In the description of the Kickstarter page, Girlfriend is misspelled as "Girlfried". In the same sentence, it's also stated that Mommy Mearest is a pop star.
  • Friday Night Funkin': The Full Ass Game has been one of the fastest-grossing Kickstarters to ever be supported, overtaking similar games that were funded via Kickstarter like A Hat In Time and Freakpocalypse: The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game.
    • ninjamuffin99 admitted that the Kickstarter was inspired by how much Homestuck's Kickstarter made and how fast it grew in popularity.
  • Though the game is assumed to be slated for an early 2022 release, ninjamuffin99 has stated that it could take more time for them to add more stuff, likely due to updates and time constraints. The actual release date remains unknown.
    • ninjamuffin99 has even gone on record to say that the full game could be released without any given warning.
  • 20 new weeks have been promised in the Kickstarter trailer. Depending on the stretch goals, an additional 25 weeks (15 regular weeks and 10 epilogue weeks) could be added. Adding the 7 weeks already in the game, the 20 new planned weeks and the potential 25 weeks brings the total number of weeks in the game to be 52, or in other words, 1 year.
  • The Nightmare AU was confirmed by PhantomArcade on Twitter, in which characters from a dark universe will arrive to wreak havoc.
    • Few have speculated that this could be some form of future DLC.
  • The song used in the trailer, Klaskii Romper, is from Kawai Sprite's Bandcamp Album Plop! where it is the 6th track there.
    • It can also be heard in the cutscene for Stress.
  • Needlejuice Records is the manufacturer for the physical albums of the game's first soundtrack. They have first announced the production of the album on the 8th of April, 2021 on Twitter, with PhantomArcade soon confirming the collab later in a tweet of his own.
  • In the Kickstarter trailer, multiple mods are shown. Some of the countless mods shown off include, but not limited to, Whitty, Hex, Tricky (while also leaking a later form), Ayana, Lila, Monika, Beach Brother, CG5 Edition, Ronald McDonald, FL Chan, Dalia, Chara (SnowTheFox version), Baldi, Hatsune Miku (bbpanzu version) , ENA, Friday Night Funkin' But Bad, Friday Night Funkin Clay Mod, B-Sides, Neo, Corruption, Minus, GenderSwaps, 31 Minutos, and several SiIvaGunner rips.
    • Several other forms of FNF media shown off in the trailer include a clip of an Among Us In VRChat video by PapaFearGaming VR, a clip of a bootleg FNF racing knockoff, and a Lost Bits video by TetraBitGaming.
  • In the Kickstarter trailer when the segment for Week 7 is shown, the Tankmen that point their guns at Girlfriend are not seen, and Girlfriend herself isn't holding her arms up.
  • ninjamuffin99 said that the full game will be released on Steam when completed, confirmed in a Reddit AMA and from survey updates sent to the backers.
    • Digital Steam keys will be given out to each backer that pledged enough money to obtain the game.