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Girlfriend, Friday Night Funkin'

Girlfriend is Boyfriend's demonic partner and the daughter of Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest. She is usually seen sitting on top of speakers, bopping her head to the tempo of the music, cheering Boyfriend on and keeping track of combos. Her tracks include Tutorial, where she teaches players how to play the game.


Girlfriend is a young, apricot-skinned woman with long auburn hair; the shine on said hair resembles a skull. She wears a sleeveless red dress and red high heels. Her fingernails are painted red. She is almost always on a set of three speakers, sitting on the large middle one with her legs crossed.

During Week 5, she wears a sleeveless red dress with a fluffy white collar, red gloves with white cuffs, white thigh-high stockings with small red bows, and yellow bell earrings. The speakers she sits on are all wrapped in festive Christmas lights.

During Week 6, her regular appearance is rendered in a 32-bit style.

During the last track of Week 7, she is held up from her waist by Boyfriend.


Girlfriend is portrayed as a young, mysterious woman chilling on top of her speakers and vibing to the music. With a love for cherry soda and her boyfriend (as well as a fear of lightning), she seems to be calm and collected at almost any situation, even in the face of death. Being a demon, she has powers that could kill anyone she wants, but she chooses to hide it. She is always seen with Boyfriend at her side courtesy of true love as she geuninely loves him very much.

Like with Boyfriend, Girlfriend has been diagnosed with ADHD and ASD. She is confirmed to not be the sharpest tool in the shed to the point where her faith in Boyfriend is almost blind faith. However, she is capable of making smart decisions and knows what to do in case of stuff like taxes, gaming and facing death.


  • According to PhantomArcade in a tweet, one of the core inspirations for Friday Night Funkin' is the 1981 anime adaptation of the manga Urusei Yatsura. Girlfriend is based on the series' main character's girlfriend Lum Invader, who has a horny boyfriend named Ataru Moroboshi, whom Boyfriend is based on in turn.
  • Girlfriend's design was based off of the Rhythm Heaven character Girl.
  • Girlfriend is the first character to not have a "danger" icon, the second being Daddy Dearest, the third being Senpai, and the fourth being Spirit.
    • However, the reason why she doesn't have one is most likely due to the fact that she's not really in danger of losing during the Tutorial since she's only teaching the player how to play the game.
  • Girlfriend is the first opponent to not use a microphone, the second being Monster and the third being Spirit.
  • She loves Cherry Dr. Pepper, as confirmed in a Tweet made by ninjamuffin99.
  • If Boyfriend fails to hit a note during a +10 note combo, she will briefly cry.
    • However, this won't occur in Week 4 and Week 6 as there are no versions of this animation for those weeks.
  • She's afraid of thunder and lightning, as she will briefly react fearfully whenever they occur along with Boyfriend in an animation in Week 2.
  • Girlfriend is canonically 19 years old.
  • Her fingernails are painted red. However, they can only be seen during the Tutorial when she points.
  • Girlfriend has several unused voice clips that were going to be used for dialogue purposes but have been scrapped alongside the dialogue.
  • Girlfriend's favorite video game is Tetris.
  • Girlfriend's favorite kind of pizza topping is olive.
  • In early stages of development, Girlfriend was meant to cross and swap her legs during her idle animation. During the one frame when both legs were separated, there would've been darkness and sparkles in her dress. This idea was scrapped in favor of her just bopping her head to the music, which was easier to animate. Time constraints were another issue.
  • On a Twitch livestream, it was confirmed by both PhantomArcade and ninjamuffin99 on the former's livestream that Girlfriend is extremely dumb, having an immense amount of faith in Boyfriend to handle things.
    • Girlfriend being dumb is reaffirmed by ninjamuffin99 in a Twitter AMA.
  • In the Week 7 track Stress, it's revealed through the Game Over screen that Girlfriend is a demon, much like her parents. In addition to her red skeleton and spiky teeth, she is also shown to have a pair of slightly curved black horns that protrude from her forehead. Given that they are only visible here, it is possible that either they are being hidden underneath her bangs or they haven't grown out yet.
    • Similarly in the cutscene that plays before Stress it is shown that Girlfriend can make her eyes gleam red and make her skin turn purple, acting as a visual indicator to her using her demon powers.
  • In the Week 7 update, her unused cheering animation was added to the Tutorial.
  • Girlfriend doesn't know how to cook, according to a retweet.
    • Despite this, she does know how to make PB&J sandwiches.
  • Girlfriend is neurodivergent, as she has ADHD and is autistic, confirmed by PhantomArcade during a livestream.
  • In a Reddit AMA, it was confirmed that Girlfriend's favorite animal is a Hominid, not realizing that a Hominid isn't an actual animal.


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