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Jeff Bandelin, better known online as JohnnyUtah or simply Jeff, is an American animator, artist, voice actor and art director. He has contributed to Friday Night Funkin' with artwork, animation and by providing the use of his character Tankman from his animated web series, TANKMEN.


Prior to the game's release on Newgrounds, JohnnyUtah was approached by the game's team to help with Friday Night Funkin'. He helped design a new version of the game's logo, replacing the old one created by evilsk8r used back in the prototype. Later, he would also provide additional pixel art help for Week 6 by animating the final sprites Moawling made.

In the teaser trailer for Friday Night Funkin', Tankman was revealed to be one of several characters planned to be playable in the future, meaning that JohnnyUtah at some point before the video's release had agreed to allow his character to be included in the game. On the 18th of April, 2021, Week 7 was released to Newgrounds as a timed exclusive preview, meaning it wasn't yet made publicly available on ninjamuffin99's GitHub or the version of the game. Tankman was added as an antagonist with three tracks, a unique background, cutscenes and voice lines. Generic Tankmen soldiers, Steve and Private Skittles were all brought into the game as background characters as well. JohnnyUtah reprises his role as Tankman from the series for the game to deliver all of the spoken dialogue for the week. He also provided his voice for Kawai Sprite to use for Week 7's tracks: Ugh, Guns and Stress.

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