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Lucky Boy was a character that appeared within the Friday Night Funkin' game files.


Lucky Boy is a living sock creature with black freckles and eyes. He wears a backward teal hat and has blue and red stripes on his body. He plays a red Gretsch Bo Diddley guitar. In all of his animations, yellow zigzags appear around him.


  • Lucky Boy is a character created by DomRomArt on Twitter. DomRomArt has worked on a film involving Lucky Boy that is available on Newgrounds.
  • According to ninjamuffin99, Lucky Boy was never meant to be in Friday Night Funkin' at all. An user addressed the character by bringing up both Lucky Boy's sprite sheet and an associated audio file called "vidyagames.ogg" (a low-quality cut of "Video Games" by Black Out Band with a song length similar to that of the game's official songs). ninjamuffin99 responded stating, "OOPS this was put in by my boy Brandy, i guess he snuck it in and i didnt even notice. I'm takin' it out since its not officially a part of the game!"
  • The red guitar Lucky Boy plays is a still image of a Gretsch Bo Diddley signature model.
  • Lucky Boy's favorite food is pizza.


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