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Mina (Korean: 미나), better known online as Moawling, Moawko or simply Moaw[2] (모어),[3] is a Korean-American freelance pixel artist, game developer, and educator. They have contributed to Friday Night Funkin' as an artist for Week 6, a week that was done entirely in pixel art.


In celebration of the Newgrounds holiday "Pixel Day," the Week 6 update for the game was announced to be done in pixel art by Moawling, a close friend of PhantomArcade that he reached out to for help on the game. Moawling has redone almost all of the necessary assets for Week 6 in pixel art such as the main characters, the antagonists, the background and some of the UI elements such as text, notes and character icons. Some additional pixel art help was provided by JohnnyUtah who helped in animating the final sprites. To commemorate their contributions, Moawling is directly credited on Week 6's title as a featured artist.



Developers ninjamuffin99 - PhantomArcade - Kawai Sprite - evilsk8r
Contributors Tom Fulp - Sr Pelo - Bassetfilms - JohnnyUtah - Moawling