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Were you looking for the character or the song?

Monster is an album for Friday Night Funkin'. It was released by Bassetfilms (under the name Basset) on Bandcamp on the 20th of January, 2021.



The songs I wrote for Friday Night Funkin'

plus, instrumentals and isolated vocals.


The album contains the tracks Monster and Winter Horrorland along with their respective instrumentals and vocals. The main tracks also include the full lyrics written on their pages.

Track List

Track Number Title Length
1 Monster 2:57
2 Monster_instrumental 2:57
3 Monster_vocals 2:57
4 Winter Horrorland 2:12
5 Winter Horrorland_instrumental 2:12
6 Winter Horrorland_vocals 2:12


  • The album artwork was most likely inspired by lyrics in Monster, specifically the line, "stand under the warm street light."
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