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The music of Friday Night Funkin' is produced by Kawai Sprite, the game's composer. Two tracks in the game were contributed by Bassetfilms, who both composed and performed Monster and Winter Horrorland.

This page also contains the sound files for in-game cutscenes and dialogue.


Menu themes

Themes for the various menu screens.

Track Title Audio Track Length Use
Gettin' Freaky 2:40 Main menu theme
Breakfast 1:51 Pause screen music
Game Over (Don't Stop) 1:24 Game Over music
Game Over (Pixelday) 1:21 Game Over music exclusive to Week 6

Tutorial Tracks

The track for the Tutorial level.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Tutorial 1:07

Week 1 Tracks

Tracks for Week 1, Daddy Dearest.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Bopeebo 1:21
Fresh 1:22
Dad Battle 1:26

Week 2 Tracks

Tracks for Week 2, Spooky Month.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Spookeez 1:39
South 1:28
Monster (Regular)



(Monster only)

(Boyfriend only)


Week 3 Tracks

Tracks for Week 3, Pico.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Pico 1:25
Philly Nice 1:41
Blammed 1:48

Week 4 Tracks

Tracks for Week 4, Mommy Must Murder.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Satin Panties 1:36
High 1:45
M.I.L.F 2:04

Week 5 Tracks

Tracks for Week 5, Red Snow.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Cocoa 1:55
Eggnog 1:34
Winter Horrorland (Regular)



(Monster only)

(Boyfriend only)


Week 6 Tracks

Tracks for Week 6, Hating Simulator.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Senpai 1:39
Roses 1:31
Thorns 1:44

Week 7 Tracks

Tracks for Week 7, Tankman.

Track Title Audio Instrumental Voices Track Length
Ugh 1:25
Guns 2:20
Stress 2:05

Cutscene Tracks

Tracks used during cutscenes.

Track Title Audio Track Length Use
Lunchbox 0:29 Plays during the cutscene in Senpai
Lunchbox (Scary) 0:11 Plays during the cutscene in Thorns
DISTORTO 0:22 Plays during the cutscene for Ugh & Guns
Klaskii Romper 2:14 Plays during the cutscene in Stress and in the Kickstarter trailer

Unused Tracks

Tracks that go unused and are not officially recognized in the game.

Track Title Audio Track Length Use
Test (Regular)

(Instrumental) (Vocals)

1:42 As its name suggests, this track may have been used simply for testing purposes; version 0.2.8. added a chart and a proper vocal track (which was previously silent), featuring Boyfriend singing with the version of himself from Week 6
Title Theme
Title SHOT

Old main menu theme from the Ludum Dare prototype; does not loop

The sound made after pressing the enter key; the full sound cannot be heard in the prototype as it cuts off slightly halfway through


Related tracks that do not appear in the game and only in other media. (Some of the track titles are conjectural.)

Track Title Audio Instrumental Track Length Notes
Bopeebo (Drug Pop Version) 1:50 An older version of Bopeebo and its instrumental that was released on Kawai Sprite's main Bandcamp page, Drug Pop, the day after Ludum Dare 47 concluded
Bopeebo (Bandcamp Version) 1:21 The version of Bopeebo and its instrumental from the Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1; this version sounds like an edit of the version from Drug Pop with some changes to the voices, additional sounds and having its time cut down to be the same length as the one heard in-game
Tutorial (Rough Demo Version) N/A 1:12 A rough demo version of Tutorial posted on Newgrounds by Kawai Sprite, featuring an introduction from Girlfriend at the beginning and a weird sound at the very end; some lyrics are missing from this version as well

Track Title Audio Track Length Notes
Fresh (Boyfriend Remix) 1:23 Remix of the Week 1 track Fresh that appears in Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1 and as a single on Drug Pop
Fresh (Chill Mix) 2:52 Remix of the Week 1 track Fresh; originally supposed to appear in Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1, but was cut out before release and later put into Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 2

Upcoming Tracks

Tracks set to appear in the game.

Upcoming Content

This article is about content not yet in the game!
Information is set to change frequently, so please do not add any false information!

Track Title Audio Track Length
Give a Lil Bit Back 2:37
Dadbattle (ERECT Remix) 2:13
South (ERECT Remix) 1:59
Bopeebo (ERECT Remix) 1:54


Week 7 Cutscene Dialogue

Sound files for the dialogue during the cutscenes in Week 7.


Audio Transcript
Tankman: "Well, well, well! Whadda we got here?"
Boyfriend: "Bee!"
Tankman: "We should just KILL YOU, but what the hell, it's been a boring day. Let's see what you got!"


Audio Transcript
Tankman: "Ha, pretty tight bars for a little dude who's simping over an... ugly, boring little teenager that wears her mom's clothes, ha! Hehehehe..."


Audio Transcript
Tankman: "God effing dammit! Well played, you little shit! But this is WAR! And in war... people DIE! Men, get ready to fire! Sorry, no prom for you this year, ha ha ha!"

[The two Tankmen prepare to fire at Girlfriend, who's getting ready to unleash her demon powers as a response. Before this, however, Pico swoops in and quickly kills the two Tankmen before they could do any harm, knocking Girlfriend off her speakers, and into Boyfriend's arms.]

Tankman: "Ah, look who it is! Your sexually ambiguous, angry little friend! Don't you have a school to shoot up? There's one way to settle this. Let's rock, ya little cunt! Heh heh heh heh heh... Ya little cunts!"

Tankman Game Over Dialogue

During a Game Over in Week 7, Tankman will deliver a random insult from 25 possible phrases.

Audio Transcript
"I said let's rock, not suck cock." [laughing]
"Oh my god! What the hell was that!? What the hell. Was. That?"
"I guess your shitty blue hair dye got in your eyes. It's okay, it happens to all of us."
"Maybe you should go play Week 1 again." [laughing]
"Can you even feed yourself!? Can you even walk straight?"
"Maybe if you had more friends, you'd be less depressed and play better, hm?"
"You're ugly and you can't keep a rhythm! Truly, you are cursed."
"Man, are you tired of eating shit yet?" [laughing]
"Eh, you're gettin' closer! I wouldn't brag about it though."
"No wonder your parents hate you." [laughing]
"If you can't beat me, how are you gonna survive this harsh and cruel world, hmm?"
"The only thing you're funkin' tonight is your sock." [laughing]
"Why am I wasting my time against some baggy-pantsed fuck?" [laughing]
"Why am I wasting my time against some baggy-pantsed punk?"
"Hey, here's some Friday Night Funkin' lore for ya! I don't like you!"
"You just make me wanna cry."
"You know I'm running out of shit to say here so you better beat this sometime today, asshole."
"'Congratulations, you won!' That's what I would say if you weren't such a goddamn failure." [laughing]
"You gotta press the arrows, kid. Not slap your keyboard like your blind uncle, what?"
"You feel that? That's called failure and you better get used to it." [laughing]
"Open your fucking eyes, geez."
"I hope you're not some internet streamer screaming like a sociopath right now!"
"That was terrible. Just terrible."
"My dead grandmother has more nimble fingers! C'mon!"
"Good lord, what the hell is your problem, man? [burp] Just do it right, please!"


  • Some tracks are written differently when listed in Story Mode:
    • Both Satin Panties and Winter Horrorland, tracks with more than one word in its title, are hyphenated (Satin-Panties and Winter-Horrorland).
    • M.I.L.F is written as a single word (MILF). The same is also true in Freeplay as well.
  • For both Monster and Winter Horrorland, only the vocals for Boyfriend appear separate within the music files. This means that Monster's vocals are part of the "instrumental" of each song within the game, and they would still be heard when previewed in the Freeplay menu.
    • However, instrumental previews were removed from the Freeplay menu in version 0.2.8, so this is no longer an issue in said menu.
  • Tutorial currently lacks an instrumental version in the game, as heard when previewing the track on Freeplay prior to the removal of instrumental previews in version 0.2.8. This also means that if players miss a note, they will still be able to hear the vocals on top of the miss sound.
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