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Skid and Pump, It's spooky month

Skid and Pump are the primary antagonists of Week 2. Their tracks include Spookeez and South.

They are the first guest characters introduced to Friday Night Funkin', the second being Pico and the third being Tankman.


Skid and Pump are a duo of small children in Halloween costumes. Skid wears a skeleton costume consisting of a black outfit with white lines and circles representing bones and a skull head mask with black markings around the mouth. Pump wears a pumpkin costume consisting of a black suit with a white shirt underneath, white gloves and a pumpkin head mask.

The pair work in tandem with Skid resting atop Pump's head. The two share a microphone, though Pump holds it in his left hand by default. They do the Spooky Dance whenever they are not singing.

Skid and Pump without their costumes.

Skid's appearance without his costume depicts him with long, straight black hair and a circular face with black eyes. Pump, on the other hand, has long, curly black hair, a long face, and black eyes as well.


Skid and Pump from their original series, Spooky Month.

Skid and Pump originate from the Spooky Month web series created by Sr Pelo, a series of annual Halloween-themed videos that started in October 2018. They are known for their love for the Spooky Month (regardless of what month it is) and their adventures in their hometown that lead to unintentional trouble and good-natured chaos, along with their famous dance move known as the "Spooky Dance."


Skid and Pump are rather childish and gullible, although Pump is more cautious. They love Halloween (which they call “Spooky Month”) so much that they wear their costumes year-round and constantly spread the word of it around. Their fun-having attitudes have risked them being kidnapped a couple of times and led to them encountering many shady people around town without a thought to their safety. Their highly accepting behavior persists in Friday Night Funkin' when a certain lemon-headed being tricks them for his gain.


Skid and Pump are celebrating Spooky Month as they usually do when they come across Girlfriend's parents' house and a mysterious creature who requests that they bring him a special "treat." Once there, the duo asks Girlfriend to be their "treat," and challenge Boyfriend to win her over. It's later revealed that the figure that tricked Skid and Pump into attempting to capture Girlfriend was Monster. He wanted to devour Girlfriend as his "treat" and personally steps up to challenge Boyfriend after Skid and Pump are defeated.

Despite their battle over Girlfriend, Skid and Pump are portrayed as being friendly with Boyfriend.


  • In addition to having them included in the game, Skid and Pump's vocals were also provided by Sr Pelo.
  • Skid and Pump’s names are nods to what they dress as. Skid’s name has the first two letters of the word skeleton, while Pump’s name is a reference to pumpkins.
  • Skid and Pump both have slightly different details compared to their appearance in their series:
    • Skid's mouth markings depict 2 pairs of lines located near both ends of his mouth rather than one line near both ends and 2 pairs around the center.
    • Pump lacks the square tooth outline on his pumpkin head mask and is instead depicted with fang outlines around the upper ends of his mouth. The mask is also lumpier and has a more realistic stem shape.
  • Concept art of Skid and Pump with their costumes depicted them with a blob-like shape and different looks without their costumes on.
  • Skid and Pump are the youngest characters in the game. Skid is 8 years old while Pump is 7.
    • They are also visibly the smallest characters in the game, as they only surpass Boyfriend’s size when Skid sits on Pump.
  • Skid and Pump are the first characters in the game to sing together as a duo, the second being Mommy Mearest and Daddy Dearest in Week 5 and Boyfriend and Girlfriend during the last track of Week 7, Stress although only the former sings.
    • In a Tweet made by PhantomArcade, he confirmed that Spookeez is sung by Pump while South is sung by Skid, despite both of them appearing to be singing together.
  • Skid and Pump's week used to be the shortest in the game with only 2 tracks. This was due to the week's third track Monster being cut from the game due to charting issues. This left Skid and Pump's week a track short up until update 0.2.8, which properly added the unused track into the game.
  • Skid and Pump have an unused sprite where they would have exclaimed "yeah!", which would have possibly served a similar purpose to Boyfriend's peace sign pose used during Tutorial and Bopeebo. According to a Tweet by PhantomArcade, it would have been used for one of the songs in Week 2, although he forgot which one, and it wasn't included because Kawai Sprite "be doin his thang, so we don't force it."
  • According to PhantomArcade during a Twitch stream, Week 2 happens after the defeat of Mommy Mearest in Week 4.
  • Boyfriend has appeared in Skid and Pump's series, making a brief cameo in "Spooky Month - Unwanted Guest" as a plushie inside a store.
  • The kids were originally named Skidd and Pumpy, but their names were later changed/simplified to Skid and Pump when "Spooky Month - The Stars" was released.
  • In Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles, when Skid and Pump appear in front of Susie's camera when she's livestreaming, someone says in the chat "ARE THOSE THE KIDS FROM MONDAY NOON MOVING?", referencing Friday Night Funkin' and the appearance of Skid and Pump in the game, as some younger fans think Skid and Pump are originally from FNF and not Spooky Month.
    • To add to the FNF references in Spooky Month 4, there is a drawing of Skid and Pump on a fridge that references their FNF pose.
  • PhantomArcade has confirmed on Twitter that Skid and Pump will be playable in the future.
  • Sr Pelo has revealed some Pump-specific facts through Twitter:
    • It is implied that Pump is not his real name. According to "Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles" at 13:14, the Mother's Day art and a Tweet by Sr Pelo, his real name begins with "Wil".
    • Pump's parents are rarely around, since they both work out of town.
      • Pump and his sister, Susie, are currently living with their grandfather, as seen in "Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles".
  • Skid doesn’t like cats.


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