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David Axel Cazares Casanova, better known online as Sr Pelo, is a Mexican artist, animator, comedian and voice actor. He contributed to Friday Night Funkin' by providing the use of his characters Skid and Pump from his animated web series, Spooky Month.


After Ludum Dare 47 concluded, ninjamuffin99 and the rest of the team had plans to work further on the game. This included bringing the game over to Newgrounds to share it to a wider audience. During this time, PhantomArcade reached out to Sr Pelo, a creator on Newgrounds, to ask if he could receive permission to use his characters to include in the game. Sr Pelo was more than happy to bless this request, leading to Skid and Pump's inclusion in the game as the opponents of the Halloween-themed Week 2. In addition to this, Sr Pelo provided the individual voices for both Skid and Pump for Kawai Sprite to use for Week 2's first 2 tracks: Spookeez and South.


  • Sr Pelo was originally known as I-Freez and later 123Pendejos, which means "123Stupids" in Spanish. He later changed his username to Sr Pelo because when he studied at high school, he was given the nickname "Pelo Conchela", which translates to "Pussy Hair".[1]
    • His current username means "Mr. Hair" in English.
  • Sr Pelo has made four references to Friday Night Funkin' in his animated series Spooky Month: in "Spooky Month - The Stars", Boyfriend makes a cameo appearance as a plushie.[2] In "Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles", when Skid and Pump snuck behind Susie during her live stream, one of the viewers said, "ARE THOSE THE KIDS FROM MONDAY NIGHT MOVING?" referencing the fact that some fans mistakenly believe that Skid and Pump originate from Friday Night Funkin'.[3] Additionally, a drawing of Skid sitting on Pump's knees can be seen on Skid's refrigerator, referencing Skid and Pump's appearance in Friday Night Funkin'.



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