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Well played, you little shit! But this is WAR! And in war... people DIE!
Tankman, Friday Night Funkin'

Tankman is the main antagonist of Week 7. His tracks include Ugh, Guns and Stress.

He was teased alongside Pico, Cassette Girl and Hank J. Wimbleton on the 15th of November, 2020. He was added to the game with the release of Week 7 on the 18th of April, 2021.

He is the third guest character introduced to Friday Night Funkin', the first being Skid and Pump and the second being Pico.


Tankman is a soldier with a monochromatic color scheme; his helmet, uniform, gloves, pants and boots are black, while his skin, goggles and vest are white. On both of his arms are white corporal insignias, which distinguish him from the rest of the Tankmen soldiers. He holds a microphone in one hand while keeping the other clenched.


Sergeant John Captain, referred to simply as Captain or Cap, is the main protagonist of the TANKMEN series, an animated web series created by JohnnyUtah in 2006 about the misadventures of Captain with his best friend Steve on the battlefield. Captain comes from a post-apocalyptic desert-like hellscape where only militias of Tankmen and other enemy factions survive.

Captain is the driver of the tank seen on the iconic Newgrounds logo. The site's logo was originally designed by Andrew J. Brozyna in 2000. However, the driver of the tank had yet to be established as a character until 2006 when JohnnyUtah redesigned the logo and created the TANKMEN series. While the name "Tankman" is used broadly to refer to any of the Tankmen soldiers from the series, Captain being the driver of the tank in the logo makes him the original Tankman.


  • Tankman's voice is reprised by JohnnyUtah, the creator of the TANKMEN series and Tankman's current design.
  • Tankman's confirmed age range was stated to be around 30 years old.
  • Tankman, as well as the rest of the Tankmen, were confirmed to be asexual by JohnnyUtah in a tweet.
  • Tankman was accidentally confirmed to be the antagonist of Week 7 by PhantomArcade during a livestream.
    • Since you people cant click links.png
      PhantomArcade later tweeted confirming he will be the antagonist of Week 7 after accidentally leaking the background for it during another livestream.
  • His first track 'Ugh!' was made to meme the catchphrase of his voice actor and his involuntary groans. The Ugh noise in this song was sampled from his 3rd attempt out of 4 to say it in-game.
  • Tankman was completely aware of Pico's efforts to save his school from the goth kids' attack, which is why he slanders him on purpose to make him feel bad.


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