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The Tankmen are background characters that appear during Week 7. There are many Tankmen soldiers seen throughout the week. Some only spectate the rap battle, but others take part of the battle itself.


The Tankmen are soldiers with a monochromatic color scheme; all of their helmets, uniforms, gloves, pants and boots are black, while their skin, goggles and vests are white. Most Tankmen are seen with helmets with the standard rectangular goggles, though an exceptional few have round goggles instead.

During the tracks Ugh and Guns, there are two Tankmen in the foreground seen resting their feet on the two smaller speakers that lay beside the large speaker Girlfriend sits on. They both have insignias on their arm and carry rifles which they point at Girlfriend. The soldier on the left has round goggles while the soldier on the right has rectangular ones.

During the track Stress, the two Tankmen on either side of Girlfriend are now gone, both having been killed by Pico during the track's cutscene. Many other Tankmen soldiers with insignias on their arms, carrying rifles will now run in from the background, each one being shot and killed by Pico once they appear.

Throughout all tracks of the week, there is an audience of six visible Tankmen in the front. Steve, a Tankmen soldier with round goggles and Tankman's best friend, can occasionally be seen in the background, driving by in a tank.


  • The Tankmen are the second characters to be on the speakers in some way, the first being Girlfriend and the third being Pico.
    • The Tankmen are also the third characters to die, the first being Mall Santa if the player gets a Game Over during Week 5, and the second being Senpai.
  • The Tankmen are the fourth characters to use guns, the other three being Pico, Hank and Daddy Dearest.
  • In the TANKMEN series, Steve is the only soldier known to wear round goggles, which helped to distinguish him from the other Tankmen soldiers in the series. In-game, there are two Tankmen soldiers seen with round goggles. However, Steve is likely to be the one driving the tank in the background as he has been shown to be able to operate it before in his series. Additionally, the left Tankman in the foreground has insignias on his arm, something that Steve never had in the series.
    • PhantomArcade directly refers to the one driving the tank as Steve during a live stream.
  • As seen originally on the live stream where PhantomArcade briefly and accidentally leaked Tankman, both Tankmen soldiers in the foreground used to look identical to each other. However, the soldier to the left would later be changed by being given round goggles.
  • Since you people cant click links.png
    The Tankmen are confirmed to be asexual by JohnnyUtah in a Tweet.
    • In another Tweet, JohnnyUtah described the Tankmen as "gay icons," indicating that they are also homoromantic or otherwise gay.
  • The scream used for one of the Tankmen about to get shot in the head by Pico in the cutscene for Stress originates from Oney's FINAL FANTASY VII Let's Play series, as confirmed by PhantomArcade during a live stream.
    • As stated in the live stream, he has used the same scream before in previous works, such as the opening scene for the Newgrounds Among Us cartoon compilation.


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