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Unused Content

This article is about unused/deleted content or a previous version of the game!
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Test is an unused song. It was composed by Kawai Sprite. It's unknown if it will ever be implemented as an official track.

The antagonist for this level is Boyfriend as he appears in Week 6.


  • This track was added to the game files after the Week 5 update.
    • Before version 0.2.8, the song's voice file used to be completely silent, lacking any vocals for Boyfriend or its possible antagonist. After the update, the song received a vocal track as well as a chart which was done by MtH, the current head manager of the SiIvaGunner channel. The vocals in the song belong to two versions of Boyfriend: regular Boyfriend and pixel Boyfriend from Week 6, with the latter's voice being bitcrushed.
  • Pixel Boyfriend's left and right singing animations are inverted. This is due to there being no code to swap them when he's set as the opponent.
    • The same would apply to regular Boyfriend if he was selected as the opponent.


Tutorial Girlfriend | Tutorial
Week 1 Daddy Dearest | Bopeebo - Fresh - Dadbattle
Week 2 Skid and Pump | Spookeez - South
Monster | Monster (Song)
Week 3 Pico | Pico (Song) - Philly - Blammed
Week 4 Mommy Mearest | Satin Panties - High - M.I.L.F
Week 5 Daddy Dearest & Mommy Mearest | Cocoa - Eggnog
Monster | Winter Horrorland
Week 6 Senpai | Senpai (Song) - Roses
Spirit | Thorns
Week 7 Tankman | Ugh - Guns - Stress
Unused Boyfriend | Test
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