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Winter Horrorland is the third and final track of Week 5. It was composed and performed by Bassetfilms and released on the 20th of January, 2021. It appears in the album Monster.

The antagonist for this level is Monster.


(Lyrics directly sourced from BassetFilms' Bandcamp.)

Your skin is freezing,
here let me help you take it off.

Feasting with your friends,
what a perfect way to end,
all these lonely holidays.
(la la la la)

Gonna take a piece of your rabies,
and vivisect your mind.

Snowman smiling with your teeth,
fallen angels created with your meat.
(That pearly smile.)

Cut, in a thousand slices.
Bake you 'til, golden brown.
Stuff you with spices.
Serve to friends around.

Separate, you from your eyes.
Turn your girlfriend inside out,
and burn her fingernails.
(la la la la)

Soak your hands in freezing water.
Watching as the skin gets softer.
See your bones appear in dark
red snow.
Drop further below.

Gonna take a piece of your rabies,
and vivisect your mind.
Gonna take a peek inside your head,
and find the worm inside.

Cut, in a thousand slices.
Bake you 'til, golden brown.
Fill you with spices.
Serve to friends around.

Turn the heat on high and
we'll reduce your blood,
boil 'lil boyfriend,
with brandy and plums.

Song Effects

Winter Horrorland has a unique transition. Once the level is loaded, a loud noise is played while the camera remains focused on a severed head that looks similar to Girlfriend's on top of the now-gory Christmas tree for a few seconds before panning back down to Boyfriend. However, in Freeplay, this transition is absent, instead cutting straight to Monster and Boyfriend like any other track.


  • Several elements surrounding Winter Horrorland shares a lot of similarities with the track Monster:
    • Both songs are meant for weeks related to holidays: Christmas (Week 5) and Halloween (Week 2), respectively.
    • Monster replaces the main antagonist of their respective weeks for the final song.
    • The antagonists that are replaced for the last track are duos.
    • Winter Horrorland is one of the few tracks that have English lyrics, the others being Tutorial, Monster, Ugh and Stress.
  • Monster's vocals are not attached to the vocal track of the song, meaning Monster's singing can still be heard if "Has voice track" was turned off in the Debug Menu.
  • Between 0:30 and 0:32 in the song, a low growling noise can be heard. This particular sound only comes from the track's left audio channel and as antagonists usually stand to the left of the screen, this sound is likely to be Monster's stomach grumbling.
  • As shown in a tweet by BassetFilms, the song's composer and singer, Winter Horrorland contains musical references from various Holiday songs:
    • The melody of the beginning of the song as well as the first lyrics "Your skin is freezing, here let me help you take it off." is referenced from Santa Dog 88 by The Residents.
    • The melody used in the lyrics "Snowman smiling with your teeth, fallen angels created with your meat." is referenced from the song It's Gonna Snow (Right Here in Dixie) from the 1974 stop motion animated Christmas television special The Year Without a Santa Claus.
    • The melody used with the lyrics "Cut, in a thousand slices. Bake you 'til, golden brown," "Stuff you with spices," "Serve to friends around." is referenced from the song Let There Be Snow from the 1992 animated Christmas television special Frosty Returns.
  • In the past, when Monster says "Turn the heat on high, we'll reduce your blood", Monster's voice could be heard singing, but there was no note for when he said "blood." This error was fixed in the Week 7 update, giving Monster an up hold note.


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